28 November 2011


Just telling that I was in KL staying with aunt for a week..This holiday is boring juz as usual..
do not hav any interesting activity..but flying to kuching next with family..
going for a holiday vacation for 5 days 4 nights..hope will enjoy the trip very much..
never went to sarawak before so very eager when 'abah' told us about the trip..
sponsor by 'abah' n his elder sister (the only sibling in his family / still single till today) calling her 'mak ina'..
book mas at the eleventh hour..check for the hotel but FULL..
ahh..so frust..juz A WEEK n have not make a booking..
hope the same thing at port dickson will not happen..
travel the whole town till late evening to search for hotel..

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  1. wahh wani ^o^ , nak gi Kuching tu ;)
    Enjoy urself :D
    Ni nazmin , URL blog aq yg baru . hahah .


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