31 May 2012

Friends ?? No -----------> but best FRIENDS ever

1. Wahida Amalin binti Abu Talib


The most beautiful and hottest student among us.. She is very creative and innovative.. Why //?? Because she tend to make something new and fresh.. This is a friend who always there when I need her.. Always brought her to my house..

2. Nazirah binti Mohd Yusri

A problem-solver.. A K-pop fan .. Not just a fan but a LOVER.. Everyday just talk about korea korea and korea.. BUT she is a clever student.. Help me a lot in sejarah..

3. Rasyidah binti Shir Mohd


Love K-pop too.. Always compete with me.. In studies of course.. Nice and intelligent girl..
Very sensitive with money.. If you give RM50 note to her to have a pencil,,just an ordinary pencil,, she will accept the note..

4. Intan Khusna binti Amirrudin 


The fairest among us.. Always together with Ida.. Very influences in English.. Really admire her the way she spoke..

5. Ilyia Shahira binti A. Radzi


Not so close with her because she always 'lepak' with her gang.. But still one of my friends.. Best friends..
Very hard to snap her photo..So if you get a chance to snap her photo,, don't you ever miss it..

6. Nurul Ain Fatihah binti Sabri


Like to talk and laugh.. She can shout a kilometre away..But when talking to teacher or during learning session or lisan ---> i think her voice ran away.. 

7. Nur Hazwani binti Zhazali


She always make me angry.. Why not // My friends keep calling her WANI.. hey that's my name  not yours.. Haha.. Like to give useful advice to me.. Now in MRSM PDRM.. Miss you friend..

8. Dzarizsofea binti Anuar


Dzariz //?? Hah.. Like a radio to us.. Always has a lot of stories to tell us.. Never get a chance to talk if 'lepak' with her.. She is the only one who will talk.. But she is always the best..

" So those are my best friends.. Friends of mine since form 1.. but now being seperated in 8 different classes... Very sad.. Hope this friendship last long forever.. "

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