31 May 2012

Why Korea //??


The title // /?? sounds GOOD..I think yes.. I wonder why people especially teenagers prefer Korea than Malaysia.. YES it's including me.. Oh yeah?? Maybe a little bit.. But I'm not as fanantic as my friend.. Hmm.. Sounds weird..I mean the word AS FANATIC AS..haha.. Why don't we talk about Malaysia with our friends..We should be proud of our country..


Okay..Stop talking nonsense.. Am I spell it correctly ?? i don't even know.. I admit that Korean actor and actress or singer are really amazing.. But do we have to be very fanatic about them.. Talk about them all the time.. Don't you feel it bored..I know maybe some of you who read this feel like throwing cupcakes or tomato to me,, but this is the truth.. 

So friends,, think about it.. Is it worth //?? I don't know.. It's up to you.. Watch korean movie,, enjoy their songs,, visit their country,,be their fan but REMEMBER don't be too FANATIC.. 

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