28 October 2010

gUd luck Fwen !!

ha..ha.. exam dh dkat..camner nieyh..tp kali ni aq btoi2 dh ready..x sbr tol...InsyaAllah...msti bleyh jwb...hrp-arap larh erk..tmn-tmn doakanlah sahbat mu ini..

23 October 2010

nEver fEar..bEing Y0ur bESt..

sing to the stars
tell them ur secrets.

dream great dreams
and don't be afraid
to chase them

live boldly
love passionately
stand on ur toes
and tickle the sky

throw urself into the w0rld
b brave but not foolish

expect no more from other
than u r willing to give

b generous with ur talents
ur time
and ur heart

never fear being ur best
kn0w that to me u already r

above all
know this ;
should ever u fall
my l0ve will catch u
n bring u safely home


Argh..Exam dh dkat ar...camne nieyh..Tp aq dh wat preparetion dh..smangat tol kli ini..aq akn pstikn this time aq brada di ats....ade lar...

bkti usha aq..haha..