07 February 2016

Another step in my life


Another step in my life... One semester is over. Another semester is coming. It was tough. No. It was very tough until it reach to a point that I thought I could not handle it anymore. Being a medical student is not something that I can be proud of but something that I should be worried of. The weight on my shoulder is too heavy. The responsibility I am holding is too big. I thought it was my ambition, my dream to be a doctor. But after a second. after all the hardship I went through, I had this kind of feeling, am I doing this only for the sake of my family, am I really into this? I lost myself. I dont even know myself anymore. I want to give up. But then I know, I cant. It was not that simple and it will never be that simple.

So, I keep telling myself to wake up and be yourself again. Even if you fall, just stand up again. You wont be at the top forever. I have good friends, good batchmates, good groupmates, and most of all I have good family. They will always support me and even if I fall they will always be there to hold my hand. Why should I give up? It was normal to lose confidence once a while. It was normal if you feel like giving up. But always tell yourself, never stop even after thousands of failure. Never stop until you get what you want. 

Being a medical student is hard at first, but everything getting smooth once you are blend to it. Study will always be hard my dear friends. It is you, yourself to decide either you want to get through it or not. And I decide to get through it and no one will stop me.