10 October 2013

Around the corner

SPM is around the corner dear. 27 days to-go. I am not sure either I'm well prepared or not, but I will always put my greatest effort to gain the best result. As my trial is quite good, of course I will do much more better for SPM. To my teachers, thank you so much for pouring me with a lot of knowledge. I just don't know how to repay you guys. With a lot of patient and kindness, you act as father, mother, teacher, counsellor and friends. Really appreciate it. Any how, I'm going to miss everyone and everything at Badlishah. Proud to be a Badlishans. 

As for my friends, do your best. Make our school, teachers and parents proud of us. I'm so sorry if I had make mistakes with or without any intentions. Good luck from me, and let us go through all this with a big smile. Hihihi.. =) Hopefully, one day together we achieve what we want and wish for.

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